Sport4Kids have designed a basketball program for boys and girls aged 18 months through to 12 years old. The course emphasis is on skill development in a fun and educational environment.

Class Outlines

18 months – 3.5 years old

– Parent/guardian participation is required for these classes. Children will learn the basic fundamental of basketball: throwing, catching and bouncing. They will also discover how the body moves and develop their hand-eye coordination ability.

– The primary focus of all these class is on social interaction and having fun. Children will learn to share, take turns and make friends.

– At about 2 years old children are ready to learn slightly more advanced skills: over-head passing, chest passing, bounce passing, and shooting into the basket.

– We also spend time on more advanced coordination exercises, such as learning to tip-toe, run sideways, backwards and jump on one foot.

– All equipment is child friendly and we use and discuss different colors, numbers and shapes throughout our lessons, preparing children for the classroom.

3.5 – 7 years old

– Children can now participate in the class by themselves. We still focus on developing individual skills but also have the children learning how to work in a team, by engaging in more small group exercises.

– Children will learn to pass to other children, how to control their movement, how to compete against other children, all the time with a big focus on developing both sides of the body. At this level we ensure that children can pass, bounce and shoot with both hands.

– At 5 years old children should have a good core skill set and their sense of coordination is usually well developed. We focus on team work, specific skill development, speed and agility movements and plyometrics (or “jump training”). Children will learn how to do lay-ups, and jump stop, pivot and many other footwork drills.

– Children will learn how to compete within a team and against other teams. They will also learn how to win and lose, which is very important. Our classes still have a major emphasis on learning in a fun and friendly environment.

7 – 12 years old

– Children learn a lot about the details of game-play and finding space on the court.

– Children will develop strategies for playing against other teams, learn how to play in different positions, learn how to box out and the importance of re-bounding.  They will also improve their dribbling skills, learning to cross-over, bounce through their legs and around their back.

– At around 9 years children should have a good understanding of the game, have learned how to play in a team, and are honing their offensive and defensive tactics and plays.

– Much of the focus is on competitive game-play and developing specific individual and team skills in this environment. After completing this course children are well-placed to take the game further and join their school basketball squad.

Basketball School Squad training:

We provide basketball squad training to a number of primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. We plan, prepare and develop the school basketball program and take responsibility for squad selection, game day coaching and team administration. Contact us to learn more.

Progression chart:

Age group Parental / Guardian involvement Core skill development Class Duration
18 months – 2 years Yes – Catching, throwing, bouncing.- Moving sideways, backwards and forwards. 45 minutes
2 – 3.5 years Yes – Over head passing, chest passing, bounce passing, bouncing with individual hands, shooting into the basket- Agility skills: tip-toeing, jumping on one foot 1 hour
3.5 – 5 years No – Bi-lateral development: passing, control, dribbling- Speed and agility 1 hour
5 – 7 years No – Lay-ups, and jump stop, pivot, team work, individual skill development,.- Speed and agility, plyometrics. 1 hour / 1.5 hours
7 – 9 years No – Box-out, rebounding, individual dribbling skills, team development, strategies. 1 hour / 1.5 hours
9 – 12 years No Offensive & defensive plays, footwork 1 hour / 1.5 hours

What to bring to class

–       Sport4kids Uniform and hat.

–       Trainers only.

–       Water bottle.

–       Healthy snack for during and after class.